Art Workshops

These classes are currently being taught at cre8ery. I am also available to teach at additional locations, please contact me if you are interested.  Thank you!

Pooling & Pouring Paint with Jordan Miller (Pouring Medium),

$95 (includes supplies)

The basics of pouring medium, pouring colours, mixing inks/soft body acrylic paints.

Beginner to advanced welcome. *pouring medium + acrylics. # of colours provided depends on number of students. Minimum number to offer class is 8-10.

You don’t just pour watered down paint on a canvas. There is a lot to learn about this process. Keep the colours bold and brilliant! Transparent layers, opaque layers, mixing colour….and how do you not make brown?

Painter’s Play with Jordan Miller,

October 15, 1-4pm

Fee: $65, supplies not included please see list below….

Small Class Size, max of 8. Register Early! Beginner to advanced painters welcome.

Join a professional artist as she shares her unique method of painting using rollers instead of brushes, tables instead of easels, a variety of mediums and acrylic paint to create a wide variety of effects by creating fantastic textures. Immerse yourself in this exciting and innovative experience that can captivate both beginner and experienced painters. There will be some surprises and different ways of teaching. Please keep an open mind and remember this is “Painter’s Play”.

At the end of the class we will talk about how this class made students feel, how it made each other push their limits.

Painters Play Supply List (please label everything with your name)

-1 or 2 canvas sized 18 x 24 – 24 x 36 (depending on how fast you paint)

-various sizes of brushes

-acrylic paints, all colours. No black!

-tube or jar of Heavy Gel Medium (optional)

-Water Bottle (spray)

-Water container to wash your brushes

-Paper Towel

-Painting Rag

-Saran wrap


-Small paint roller/brayer (3”-5”)

-small piece of small bubble wrap/large bubble wrap

-tooth comb or plastic fork and a plastic spoon

-Palette knife or knives


-Hair Dryer (optional)

-If you own acrylic mediums & would like to bring them with you, you can but I will not require this(optional)

Acrylic-Abstract-Painting Class, for Beginners, with Jordan Miller

Every second Sunday, 5 classes: October 29, November 5, November 19, December 3, December 17th, 1pm – 4pm, $200. Supplies are not included.

Learn the tools of the trade, mediums, brushes, palette knives, application of paint & how to mix colours.

Minimum 5, Max 9.





Image Transfers without Chemicals (with mixed media)

faded memoreis 1280 low res3 Sundays, 1-3pm, sometimes 4pm,  $110 for members, $125 for non members, supplies included, beginners welcome. (date TBA)

This workshop will teach you how to use image transfers in your art and finish the piece by using mixed media. Find out how to transfer text, images, prints, drawings, and magazine images!  Each student will transfer multiple images onto canvas through reverse-collage.  No chemicals will be used but students must bring their patience with them to the workshops!  If there are specific magazine images you would like to use, please bring them with you (please do not bring any images on photo paper or prints from an inkjet printer)

‘This class will bring exciting new elements to my future artwork.  I am eager to use this new tool in my kit!  I learned more about using mediums in one afternoon than a year of art college. I’m excited to try more transfers to see if i can get better.’ -M. Joyal
‘I enjoy the “easy Going” attitude.  It makes for a more comfortable class/learning.  Great instructor, ample space, supplies, great atmosphere!’ Noreen

Calm Chaos 1280‘cre8ery are the only classes where I learn a technique while making my own art rather than a cookie cutter picture.  Glad I have taken this class. Helped me avoid some of the pitfalls of doing image transfers on my own.  I am looking forward to using this technique with others I have learned at cre8ery.’ B. Martin

‘This class taught me a medium that I had never used before. I felt that it has taught me many possibilities for my art.  It was very helpful that Jordan was able to take us on a gallery walk to see her work. Great teacher, great class. Inspiring!  Thank you.’ -A. Stuart

“I really enjoyed this workshop as I was able to learn a great deal. Not only about image transfer but about painting in general.  Jordan explained everything so well that I highly recommend this workshop. –Lee
“I found this workshop fascinating and a great addition to my techniques to create an endless variety of images to use as college, under painting or mixed media–C. Smith

“Jordan, while delivering an excellent demonstration of the technique, was also able to point out other artistic ‘tricks’ as only an experienced artist can”

‘I enjoyed it, Jordan was patient and meticulous.  She explained each step carefully and best of all she gave us a print out of the steps.  It sure helps if you forget something! Thanks Jordan!’ -E. Esau

‘Artist and gallery owner, Jordan Miller  presented an interesting and creative workshop on image transfers onto canvas.  Jordan took the class step by step thru each element of this technique – lots of time for questions, comments and sharing.  This hands-on workshop held on two Sundays proved that this skill/technique could be learned not only by the seasoned artists but by those of us just learning about collage and mixed media.  Thanks for the excellent workshop Jordan.  Your patience, expertise and friendly manner made this a delightful experience and provided enough experience that we can now do this on our own.’   Lynda

I have enjoyed your workshops tremendously. It was very well informed, demonstrated, inspiring, and supported each of us to express ourselves.