Artist Seminars

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Seminar: Exhibiting In Alternative Gallery Spaces with Jordan Miller

Sunday, May 22…, 1-3 pm, $25/Artist Beginner to advanced welcome.

Learn how each type of gallery space operates, how to approach businesses to display your artwork, the ins and outs of contracts, installation, insurance, and what you need to be aware of before hanging your art in alternative gallery spaces.

To register contact or 204.944.0809

Professional Development Seminar: Managing your Priorities as an Artist, Jordan Miller

Tuesday, June 7, 6:30-8:30pm, $25/Artist

Do you ever feel like there is just too much on your plate as an artist? Where do you start when it comes to the business side? Artists always say, “we really just want to paint and create” and they don’t take pleasure in marketing themselves. Who does! In this workshop artists will set goals for both their artistic careers and the management of their careers. From promotion to creation, this is the workshop to get organized and get to work!

Future workshops might result from this intro to workshop.

Testimonials from Students:

“Finally a workshop that doesn’t make me feel like I’m ‘abnormal’. An open discussion to dig into your own circumstances in order to better pursue your craft guilt-free!  The tools and tips offered are extremely logical and un-daunting!  Thanks Jordan!”

“Lots of ideas for organizing, busting through creative blocks & procrastination habits!”

“Very informative, great tips & handouts, casual and engaging group setting. Thanks Jordan” – Sarah

“Clearly defined recommendations on how to identify one’s priorities and outline steps that can be taken to tackle certain challenges.  A pleasant forum to exchange and contemplate.”

“I found the workshop very helpful. Also relaxed atmosphere with some interesting  ideas. Good Discussion!” – Barb Watson

“I liked the workshop’s small setting (10 people). The small group discussion was very helpful because it illustrated that others have difficulties as I do. Groups can provide different ideas, not thought of by one’s self. Jordan is a good leader and encouraged all to share their own difficulties, insights and solutions.”

“This workshop reinforces some of the things I already knew but learned ideas from other artists which I find will help try new ways in my art practice.”

“I really enjoyed the class and gained a lot of valuable information. I I’ve been allowing a lot of time wasters to keep me from getting organized and going forward. I know that I can and will be organized and focused on my art.”

To register contact or 204.944.0809


Professional Development: The A-Z of Project Management: Building Your Time Line

Tuesday, September 6, 6:30-8:30 pm, , $25/artist

Our focus for this seminar will be on building an exhibition as a solo artist. What you need to do, what you need to consider and how to set yourself deadlines to stay on task. It can be a very overwhelming experience to put together an exhibition. Building a marketing plan with an exhibition plan is extremely important.  So come learn the A-Z’s of this project, ask questions and get answers.

Testimonials from Students:

“It is very helpful to have someone give an overview of what is involved in putting a show together.  You are a fountain of knowledge.”

“Exactly what I needed.  The information was valuable and very helpful. Everyone needs to take this before a show.”

“This class was very informative.  Jordan makes everyone comfortable and encourages you to think about the small details that add up to you to being overwhelmed when preparing for a show. I feel more prepared after this course.”

To Register please contact 204.944.0809 or


Image Transfers without Chemicals (with mixed media) with Jordan Miller  

3 Sundays, TBA…, supplies included, beginners welcome. $125

This workshop will teach you how to use image transfers in your art and finish the piece by using mixed media. Find out how to transfer text, images, prints, drawings, and magazine images!  Each student will transfer multiple images onto canvas through collaging.  No chemicals will be used but students must bring their patience with them to the workshops!  If there are specific magazine images you would like to use, please bring them with you (please do not bring any images on photo paper or prints from an inkjet printer)

Jordan Miller graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the University of Manitoba in 2002 and has mentored and instructed through ACI, Golden Prairie Arts Council, and cre8ery. She has also hosted private workshops for businesses, groups, and high school students. Jordan also has a certificate in Arts and Cultural Management from the University of Winnipeg’s Continuing Education. Please see her cre8ery artist page for more information.

To Register please contact 204.944.0809 or

Exhibiting In Alternative Gallery Spaces Sunday, May 2016 TBA…, 1-3 pm, $30 Members; $35 non members. Beginner to advanced welcome.

Learn how each type of gallery space operates, how to approach businesses to display your artwork, the ins and outs of contracts, installation, insurance, and what you need to be aware of before hanging your art in alternative gallery spaces.

“This is one of many workshops I’ve taken with Jordan. I must say I’m continuing to ‘learn’ and expand my knowledge in the art world, not just in creating but in how to promote myself as an emerging artist. I look forward to taking further workshops to grow in my chosen career.”

“Jordan really knows her stuff. I don’t know of anyone else in Winnipeg who offers the business of art knowledge and resources that Jordan does.  I highly recommend her to both new and established artists.” –Cecilia Basic

“An Alternative Gallery Space–All that and then some. Invaluable information and resources! Thank you Jordan” –Bonnie Bodnarchuk

“Lots of good ideas for marketing our own work!  Practical suggestions and good advice!”A great introduction to the nuts and bolts of exploring how to make yourself and your work unknown” –Louise Lamb

“Lots of good ideas for marketing our work! Practical suggestions and good advice.

It was well prepared – clear- lots of very practical helpful information.

Great introduction to cre8ery workshops, good pace good time frame.

Jordan explained the pro’s and con’s of space and some of the things you never would have thought about.

This was a very informative workshop both for showing my work and showing others, thank you Jordan!

Reliable information from approaching prospective vendors to the legal ins and outs.

The Blunt & The Obvious for the Oblivious with Jordan Miller,

Tuesday, TBA, 6:30-8:30pm

$25/member; $30/non member

Level: Beginner Artist, starting out to Intermediate Artist.

This workshop covers a lot of topics as a brief overview.  ie. how to sell and package yourself as a visual artist. Working on your art is one thing—presenting yourself as an artist is another. Items such as Portfolio development, CVs, artist statements, bios, websites, blogs and social media, and photographing your art will be covered. We will also cover how to approach galleries.

Testimonials from past workshop:

“Great session with opportunity to bring questions for those just starting to promote themselves as an artist.  Informal and casual setting” 

“This workshop answered many of the basic quetions I have about one’s presentation as an artist and was most informative. PS. the handout was very useful.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop as I gained a lot of information that I needed. I definitely will come back for more.”

“Before the workshop I was so confused. This answered all my questions and then some. Thank you.” – June

“Very Knowledgable. A great introduction to the business side of art. A great place to start if you’re a new artist or an artist new to Winnipeg.”

“The time just flies by. Jordan is very patient and easy-going and because of this, the atmosphere in her workshops is open, intimate and comfortable! She is very passionate about what she does and helping others! She is also very encouraging and supportive!” -Caroline

“Every artist should take this workshop.”


Gallery Contracts: what you need to know before you book/confirm an exhibition.

Tuesday, TBA, 6:30-8:30pm

$25/member; $30/non member.

Level: Beginner to Advanced Artist

Professional Development Seminar: Building Your Budget for an Exhibition

Sunday, TBA, 1-3pm, $25 per Artist

What fees do you have to host an exhibition? How do you get paid?  What commissions do you pay? Where do you not pay?  Know your expectations and be prepared!   Every gallery, commercial, rental, or funded gallery,  operates differently.  Learn what you need to budget for and make a plan that works for you!

To register contact or 204.944.0809

Professional Development Seminar: Art Installation Seminar with Jordan Miller

Sunday, TBA 2017, 1pm – 3:30pm, $30/artist

Learn the how to and how to not hang artwork–right from the wire!  Learn how to install your artworks, how to group artworks together for a professional showing, how to light the works, create proper installation labels,  learn about framing dos and don’ts!

To register contact or 204.944.0809

Testimonials by past participants (with an exhibition):

 Very valuable information for art exhibits and also for installing art in your house. -Jayne Nixon

This class was a great experience, i learned a great deal more than just how to properly hang a show.  I highly recommend it for everyone! — Lee

Knowing the measurements used in galleries is very useful.  I missed the collaborative process, but…Jordan was very generous with her time in getting me up to date and informed me about the workshop. Thank you–Brigitta

Jordan provided wonderful insight into balancing an exhibition. Great venue for connecting with other artists and appreciating diversity.  I have a new respect for the care she brings in curating the work of others.  Natasha Lowenthal