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To view the full image and details please click on the thumbnail below and it will open up a new window.  To navigate back to this page please use the back button on your browser.  New works are being added to my website as time permits. There are more works in my studio than what is online. Call me at 204-944-0809 for a studio appointment. This is my office landline number @cre8ery.

All the Things
Summer and Soul
Fleur 1
Birth of our World
Fleur 2
Passage Ways
Above or As So Below
Sipping Sunshine
Blue Affinity
Summer Solace
The Land and the Sea
Life's Layers
Summer Citrus
Letting Go
Emotional Reasoning
A Sporadic Sputtering
Mind Meld
At First Blush
Beyond the Milky Way
Walking Through Paradise
Peace Garden
Frozen Forest
A River Runs Through It
Garden Bouquet
Cycling Sprocket
Ten to One
Slowly Rolling, One Step at a Time
Finding Your Balance
Life is a Highway
Multi-Verse: Walking A Tight Rope in A Difficult World
Finding the Words
Lost in Thoughts
Laundry Days
Lake Reflections
Pockets of Time
Spring Melt
In A Crowded Room, I Saw You
The Two Step
Ground Up
The Rising
Whoa Tiger
Never Cry Wolf
Building Language
Cool Down
To Fly Free
Finding the Light
Dragon's Den
She is no Spring Chicken
Lost in Translation 2
Lost in Translation 3
Fallen Stream
Deep Abyss
Making An Impression
Spiritual Journey
Tying up Loose Ends
Natural Balance
Head Turner
That's What It Felt Like
Spirit Quest
The Place Where Love Began
Softly Between Two
The Reason Why
Impact Your Words
In Hiding
Small Discoveries
Lost in Translation
Mind Circles
Night Life-In the City
Infinite Chill
A gentle Breeze
Stillness Speaks
Sword in the Stone
The Dream
In the Rearview Mirror
Finding Truth
Four for One
Four for Four
Cast Away