MASSIVE WEBSITE SALE!! Please click the art below to see prices, sizes and additional info about the artwork. I am currently building a new website and trying to clean up my studio.  Sale will end once I upload my new website. These works below will be updated last.  New works first!

Also, my art can be purchased either artist direct or from the galleries below. Please email me or call me to see my portfolio of new works that I can no longer upload here!

To view the full image and details please click on the thumbnail below and the full image will open up a new window.  To navigate back to this page please use the back button on your browser.  Call my landline at 204-944-0809 for a studio appointment. email me

Gentle Breeze
Lean on Me
Blue Affinity
Peace Garden
Frozen Forest
Letting Go
Summer Solace
At First Blush
A Sporadic Sputtering
The Place Where Love Began
Impact Your Words
Goodbyes Are Forever
Multi-Verse: Walking A Tight Rope in A Difficult World
Finding the Words
Lost in Thoughts
Sword in the Stone
Finding Truth
Head Turner
That's What It Felt Like
Laundry Days
Never Cry Wolf
Spring Melt
The Two Step
Whoa Tiger
Lake Reflections
Dragon's Den
Building Language
Lost in Translation 2
Lost in Translation 3
Fallen Stream
Making An Impression
Mind Circles
Night Life-In the City