Draft 3, Artist Statement, Relationships

By Jordan Miller on April 17, 2017

after I posted the one last night I realized I forgot to change the tenses…and it was perhaps too much about my process of change and less about the art. I am not a strong writer so feedback is always good.

Relationships are connections between two entities. This exhibit began as an abstract, introspective look at the relationships surrounding an artistic career. After a serious injury, the works transitioned stylistically.
Strong sweeping and swirling colours are created with the unpredictability of pouring paint and alcohol inks. Unusual forms with a natural flow create balance within the works. With the addition of mixed media and mark-making, common forms began to emerge within the space and a theme began to develop. This intuitive abstract painting style with combined elements of design creates a strong and positive relationship from one work to the next.
In The Wandering Chaos Series, a set of multi-layered monoprints with embroidery stitching brings fine craft into the world of fine art. A new path of calm is formed within the chaos of the multi-form print.
The titles of the works provide guidance to their meaning, the emotional state of the artist, and the subject matter that emerged through the process of creation. There are more relationships to be found in each piece and stories for the viewers to interpret.

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