Group Art Consulting

Presenting to a Group of artists:

As an artist, gallery owner, art mentor and art consultant, I learned many aspects of my career through trial and error. Studying Fine Arts was a great start but what I didn’t learn, could’ve helped me in the earlier stages of my career. As a gallery owner, I learned how artists can better represent themselves in a few simple basic steps.

If you are an art group needing help with any of these topics and unsure of your career path, ie. Where do you go from here? Then I’m here to help. My rates for a group of artists are below.

Portfolio Development

  • Artist Statements
  • Artist Bios
  • Artist Cvs
  • How to approach galleries
  • Gallery Submissions
  • How to start your career as an artist
  • How to approach alternative galleries
  • Marketing yourself as an artist
  • Finding Strength with Social Media
  • Managing your priorities
  • Preparing for an exhibition: what you need to know
  • Tips & Tricks to stay focused on your artistic vision
  • Why it is important to pay your gallery representation a commission….where is that money spent?
  • The Blunt & The Obvious for the Oblivious!

These presentations are 1-2 hours in the length and can be adjusted depending on the budget available.


guest speakerWithin Winnipeg (depending on travel time):

small groups under 10 or less attendees: 2 hours  $200-$250

large groups over 10 attendees: 2 hours: $300

Longer sessions are negotiable depending on topic and location.

Outside of Winnipeg:

‘add the cost of car rental, mileage & travel time’

accommodations & expenses will be added to the above rates

Guest Speaking opportunities are also available, this image is of me speaking to Medical Students at Health Sciences Centre about living with illness and how art can be used as therapy.  I have a story….