Private Art Consulting

As an artist, gallery owner, art mentor and art consultant, I learned many aspects of my career through trial and error. Studying Fine Arts was a great start but what I didn’t learn, could’ve helped me in the earlier stages of my career. As a gallery owner, I learned how artists can better represent themselves in a few simple basic steps.

If you are an artist and unsure of your career path, ie. Where do you go from here?  I’m here to help. We can start with the basics and focus on any of the topics below.

  • Art Critiques (what works & doesn’t work)
  • Portfolio Development
  • Artist Statements
  • Artist Bios
  • Artist Cvs
  • How to approach galleries
  • Gallery Submissions
  • How to start your career as an artist
  • How to approach alternative galleries
  • Marketing yourself as an artist
  • Finding Strength with Social Media
  • Managing your priorities
  • Preparing for an exhibition: what you need to know
  • Tips & Tricks to stay focused on your artistic vision
  • Why it is important to pay your gallery representation a commission….where is that money spent?

Consulting meetings are $75 for up to 2 hours.

Please make sure you are ready with questions / what you would like to discuss.




I loved the personal attention in my mentoring session with Jordan. For two hours, she reviewed a large selection of my photographs. Her feedback was supportive and constructive. I ended up with a number of ideas for things I could try to do differently. Jordan talked about specifics of editing and composition in my photos, and also more broadly about abstract art, and the stories photographs can tell. She was very willing to answer all my questions. The session was exactly what I had hoped for.–J.B.


I had a really productive Consulting session this afternoon with Jordan Leigh Miller. Jordan reviewed 4 of my works in progress, and gave me gentle, constructive feedback which I intend to incorporate into my art. Jordan and I also discussed questions I had surrounding use of social media in the sale of art. I would recommend Jordan’s consulting services for artists looking to grow professionally. – Jackie Turnbull

I had a fantastic art consult and critique with Jordan. She was so helpful showing me where I could improve my painting skills and was also wonderful explaining the reasoning behind her suggestions. She answered any art question I asked very thoughtfully with lots of tips. Will do again!! -debbie watt

Highly recommend having a critique/consult done by Jordan. Her very easy-going manner partnered with her talent & knowledge had me feeling very privileged to have the time with her. I plan on booking her again in the future.
C. Sutherland