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By Jordan Miller on April 17, 2017

Well…its been a long time since I have written a blog post.  My professional art career as opposed to my ‘Artist’ career has been incredibly busy…. I have been working on this on and off for the last few weeks. It may need some fine tuning….but here goes!


Relationships – Artist Statement by Jordan Miller…

Relationships are person to person connections between two people or objects. This exhibition began as an abstract, introspective look at the relationships surrounding an artistic career. The first painting began as a tribute to an encouraging artist mentor, Stephen Jackson. Cancer stole his life. A sad and quiet painting, titled “Roots”, is filled with memories of our past relationship. This was meant to be the first of a series of paintings.

A few weeks later, a right arm injury halted my painting career. From that point, the relationship of ‘Jordan Miller’s’ painting style had to be drastically altered. Not one to back out of a challenge, my works transitioned to left handed painting, monoprinting, and acrylic pouring which requires less wrist movement. The abstract works became emotionally balanced with sweeping and swirling colours and the unpredictability of paint and alcohol inks. These works resulted in further developing a relationship with colour flow, spacial relationships, form, mark making, and intuitive abstract painting. In other words, all of the components that make a strong piece of abstract art, came together to create a positive relationship.

The Wandering Chaos Series expands on a set of multi-layered monoprints that began in 2015. It seemed that something was missing from the works – a focal point or a theme. Jordan began to incorporate simple stitched line embroidery into the work, bringing traditional craft into fine art. The was a chaotic balance to it, analogous to her professional art career. Since this series was completed in early 2017, an exploration into using hidden images within the monoprints, has begun.

During this time, Jordan learned to work with what became a short term physical disability. Building a stronger relationship with her body became a necessary focus in order to cope as an artist. The tools used to manipulate paint were left behind. New art methods were developed.

Through the process, Jordan learned to be more patient with healing and with art. Viewing the art from these series, the flow is much more consistent. The ‘new brand’ of Jordan Miller is stronger than ever.

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