Social Media–The Death of Galleries?

By Jordan Miller on April 8, 2018

Rewind yourself back to the late 90s and the early 2000s? There really was no social media or template websites or at least the knowledge to use them. Since then websites like wordpress, wix, and square space have made this task ‘easy’ for artists, designers and other professionals. Before social media you had to be represented by a gallery (and) or know a large number of people who would support you in getting the word out on your own or though making sales.

Think about how much the art industry has changed since then?

I wanted to post this as ‘food for thought’ and I may add on to it as I go.

  • Though social media artists can easily reach their potential audience and make sales. Its easier for ‘anyone’ to find ‘anyone else’ on social media.
  • You can show your works for sale at an art gallery and then its easy for the public to find you rather than contacting the artist that represents you. Personally I always direct my sales back to the gallery that represented me, because that IS what you are supposed to do as a professional artist.
  • Shopping happens more online than in person (for art) but still people like to see the art in person but its so ‘easy’ for the patron to make an artist.


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