Loving a sold work? I may have a similar painting available that is not listed on my website or I can create a special similar piece for you.

I do not make any reproductions of my work as prints as I wish to have only original work. This ensures that ever client has ‘the only one like it’.  Click on thumbnail to view full image  and details. Some sold works are not listed below.

The Rising
Finding Your Balance
Above or As So Below
Summer Citrus
Fleur 1
Fleur 2
All the Things
Summer and Soul
Beyond the Milky Way
She is no Spring Chicken
Soda Pop
Rising to Resolve
Four for Four
The Day Love Said Hello
Building Relationships
Star Gazing
After Dark
Risk Management
Just Like Eve, Capture Me
Believers and Dreamers
Just Keep Swimming Swimming Swimming
Dream Catchers
Lady Long Legs
Goodnight My Love
X Marks the Spot
Search and Find
What Goes Bump in the Night
The Dancer
Fiery Dragon
Mellow Yellow
Heightened Energy
Finding the Calm
New Energy
Symphony of Elements
Passion Blossoms
Emotional Sentiments
Ahhh Breach
Where Dreams Come From
Tree of Life
To Silence - Too Loud
Discoveries Below the Surface
Crowd Pleaser
Finding Heart
Stage Lights, She Stands Up for Herself
Meditation, Deep in Thought
A Walk to Remember
First Light
Slow Reveal
Finding Love
Late Night Conversations
Defining One's Self
Detailed Analysis
FairyTale Delight
Wandering Chaos Series: To Fade; To Find
Wandering Chaos: Holding 'it' Together
Glowing Bright
To Flow, Deep in the Woods 1
Slow The Flow, Deep in the Woods 2
Shooting Stars
Cool Anger
Prairie Sky
Swing Along Home
Heartfelt Intuition
Reaching For
Bonfire in the Sky
Across the Divide
Energy Circles
New Direction
Night Life
Below the Surface
Language Barrier
Between Two
In Waves
And She Danced
Beneath the Tree, Screams the Sea With Fire in her Eyes and Light in the Sky...
Singing In The Rain
Bent Resistance
Art Savors
First Step, New Direction
Windows to the Soul
First Step, Road to Reflect
Breaking Barriers: Vibrations to Change
Emerging From
Displace 24
Breaking Barriers: Locked Out
Aged and Worn
Station de Metro
It All Starts With a Line
First Success
Circle of Light
Subtle Line
Into the Moment
A Hint of...
Push & Pull
A Simple Connection
Time Circles
Torn Between Two
Torn Overlay
Loop de Loo
Curtain Call
Intense Moment
Station de Metro
Fountaines de la Concorde
Faded Memories
Waves Crashing
Subtle Intentions
Finding Balance
Inhale 2
Window of Opportunity
Breaking Barriers: Female
Breaking Barriers: If Father Time Could Spin Backwards
Water Falls
The Conductor
Simple Complexities
Finding Home; Searching Self
Dark to Light
A Place to Hang my Hat; My Home: My City
Lost Between Two Homes
A Lift -- Freedom
The Calm After the Storm
This is Our World
A Walk to Remember
Water Warrior
The Light Shines Within
Red Rising / Blue Cooling
Storm's Warning
The Golden Hour
Until We Step Into the Light
Musical Interlude
To Grow & Mature
Destruction of Beauty
Heat Rising
Summer Splash
Childhood Memories, Skipping Stones
Childhood Memories: Beach Bum: Discovery
Trikes n'Bikes
Childhood Memories, Three Legged Race
Greenham Children
Our History, Canadian Women
Hot Summer Day
Farmer's Daughter
Guns N'Boxing Gloves
Darkness, Will & Strength
These Three
Tidal Wave
Breaking Barriers: Time Slips
Breaking Barriers: Locked and Hatched
Breaking Barriers, Chaos and Calmness
Crossing the Bridge
When Everything Became Too Loud
Until You Find It
Lacking Clarity, Decision Making
Silent Witness
Wave of Emotions
Sea Life
Twirl + Dip
Raft in the Storm
A Glimpse of Reality
Holding On
In Hiding
Spirit Quest
Spiritual Journey
The Land and the Sea
Natural Balance
Stillness Speaks
Small Discoveries
Ground Up
In A Crowded Room, I Saw You
The Ripple Effect
In the Moment
Energy Flow
Ten to One
Slowly Rolling, One Step at a Time
The Dream
Life's Layers
Walking Through Paradise