The Dancer

Acrylic on Canvas, 2018

30″ x 30″


*This is a collaboration between Sari Habiluk + Jordan Miller

SOLD (if you own this piece kindly email to let me know for my records!)

The Dancer

Jordan Miller (Left), Sari Habiluk (Right)

Jordan Miller and Sari Habiluk met in May 2014, a year after Sari became a cre8ery gallery member. Shortly after, Sari began volunteering in exchange for mentorship under Jordan.

Their first collaboration was in 2016 after Jordan decided to paint over a piece to create something stronger. Sari proposed she bring out the potential. ‘Unearthed’ sold in 2017.

The emotional impact of Sari’s aunt passing was the initial inspiration and motivation for the piece. Sari handed the painting to Jordan who brightened the colour palette and combined their intuitive styles while maintaining Sari’s initial line structure. This retained the energy and the emotional healing behind the original composition. Jordan, in a happy place as she was painting again post wrist injury. The result was joyful, building excitement into the work. Their second collaboration was appropriately named, ‘The Dancer’ as she was the first form Jordan pulled. She appeared to be conducting other figures that were later pulled into the composition such as a dog, a Mother Mary, a cloaked figure, and seven other female forms.

Through Mentorship, a strong friendship grew between these two women, influencing and resulting in an intermixing of styles. “The Dancer” encompasses a strong balance of colour blends, line, shape, and form bringing together their states of mind.

Jordan Miller, a Winnipeg Artist, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree in 2002 and a diploma in Arts and Cultural Management in 2008. Memberships include Creative Manitoba and Mentoring Art for Women’s Art. As an artist and art consultant, she has mentored in both the creation and business side of art. She is the Executive Director of cre8ery inc. She has exhibited in several group and solo shows in Winnipeg and across Manitoba. Her works are collected throughout Canada and the United States. She is in the Collection of the Province of Manitoba. In 2011, Jordan was the recipient of the 35th Annual Woman of Distinction Award (Arts). Jordan was a finalist for the Future Leaders Of Manitoba Awards in 2015. She is currently represented by Pulse Gallery at the Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Sari Habiluk, a Winnipeg Artist, graduated from Glenlawn Collegiate Institute in 2008. She has completed various commissioned works and has assisted in priming and background painting for the mural at Rainbow Stage. Her first solo exhibition was held at cre8ery, where she is a member, in 2017. Her dark comedy ‘Un-Supermarket’ was published in The Uniter and The Manitoban from 2015-2017.