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Under the Influence Exhibition by Jordan Miller + Dave Swiecicki

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Two videos are posted here, one is a video of the exhibition/pieces and the second is the performance art video by Jordan Miller, Filmed, Directed and Edited by Dave Swiecicki with his own musical compositions.

This collaboration by mixed media artist Jordan Miller & multi-media artist Dave Swiecicki was created as part of an installation for a dual exhibition, “Under the Influence”, launched September 27, 2018. See Credits Below Statement.

“Breaking free from what holds us down. At times, you think this is it. You are a Survivor; A fighter. You are at peace with the truth. You wonder why this is your destiny. To be or not to be, that will always be the question. The truth is, what happens around you, you have no control. You can’t capture it. Its the cycle of life. We are born. We grow. We learn. We make mistakes. We die. We are born again. You questions others and their actions. The slightest change has the biggest impact. You wonder if things will ever be different. You hold on to every moment. Tomorrow will always be better. Let the moon fly free. The sun will rise the next day. All we can do is hold on to what we need an release what we don’t need. Evolution. Dreams. Discoveries. What if this is the last day. Be at peace with yourself, your decisions, your destiny.

Performance and Concept by Jordan Miller Filmed, Directed, and Edited by Dave Swiecicki Original Music Written and Composed by Dave Swiecicki Tibetan Singing Bowl Performance by Brie Henderson Audio Mastering by Murray Krawchuk

Locations: Gimli Beach, Birdshill Park, Winnipeg Beach, Hillside Beach

Special thank you to those who donated so far to help support Jordan’s diabetes care. If you enjoyed viewing this video, please note that donations of any amount can be made to as her need for supplies is ongoing.

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