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Journey to the Stars Exhibition & Sale by Jordan Miller, October 1-31, 2023, Pulse Gallery Winnipeg.

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Journey to the Stars, walks us through the land to the sea and up into the sky. While growing up in a small town, travelling across Canada, and enjoying summers on our family farm in the Interlake and cabin at Delta Beach, the stars consistently offered guidance. We spent time camping, hiking, and portaging the land, viewing the sky’s vibrancy along with the chilling cold glacial water as 'lakes were claimed'.

(Lake Side Story, 18" x 18",Alcohol Ink on Yupo, mounted on panel, $300 (plus tax)

No matter where we stand away from the city lights, the stars are crisp and clear. Their vibrancy against the dark contrast in the sky along with these experiences have been hugely influential in this body of work.

My works are abstract, yet representational and consistent much like the stars that appear in the sky, night after night. The connection to the land we live on and sky we gaze at, is how I chose to express my journey for this exhibition.

By the Pond, 18" x 18", Alcohol Ink on Yupo, mounted on panel, $300 (plus tax))

From a young age, a journal was kept close by, writing my curiosities, hoping for answers. As I’ve grown into being middle aged, the stars continue to guide me and are consistently there for every decision made. Similarly, I now use art to guide my spirit in the act of creating. As you take in this body of work, allow the stars to guide you through this journey.

To read my bio and my CV please click here.

My price list is available as a PDF at the bottom. There are over 30 works available. All works look best in person, if you can visit in person!

Holiday Dream, 8" x 10", Alcohol Ink on Yupo, mounted on panel, $100 (plus tax))

Meet me at the Gallery?

I will be "in person" at the gallery on Sundays, October 1, October 15 & October 29th from 1-3pm (perhaps later if its busy! Please let me know if you would like me to stay until you can attend or if you would like to meet me at another time. I am unfortunately not available due to my job on Tuesday to Saturday from 11-5 (and Friday, October 6, 11-9pm) Address is 25 Market Road, Johnston Terminal at the Forks (next to the Old Spaghetti Factory).

Invitation Image: Prairie Plains, Guiding Light, 24" x 30", sold, no longer available at the exhibition.

The collection will be available in parts Monday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm & Sunday from 12-5pm. If you see a piece here that you would like to own, you can call Pulse Gallery at 204-957-7140 or email . I've published pieces that are in the collection that may not be on display (they will put out new ones as pieces find new homes!)

Mountain Climb, 8" x 8", Alcohol ink on Yupo, Mounted on Panel, $75 (plus tax)

Storm's a rollin', 24" x 30", alcohol ink on Yupo, mounted on panel, $400 (Plus Tax)

Moonlight Madness, 18" x 18", Alcohol ink on Yupo, mounted on panel, $300 (plus tax)

Anger in the Sky, Peace on the Land, 18" x 18", Alcohol Ink on Yupo, Mounted on Panel, $300 (plus tax)

Below Sea Level, 8" x 8", Alcohol ink on Yupo, mounted on panel board, $75 (plus tax)

Tidal Wave, 8" x 8", Alcohol Ink on Yupo, Mounted on Panel board, $75 (plus tax)

Webversion_Journey_to_the_Stars_2023_Pulse Gallery Price list
Download PDF • 57KB

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