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Part B: Relationships Exhibition

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

As I grow closer to 40, it seems that the time zips past in a blink of an eye–two blinks as a matter of face!  Its almost a month since “Relationships” ended at Gallery in the Park in Altona.  After returning from a trip to Vancouver I jumped into action to find places for my works to go.  Its amazing how much space an exhibition takes up in my small studio.  I need to make some sales so that I can start working on the next! Some personal (large) expenses came up as well and so I’m looking for homes for a lot of works!  If you are looking to purchase a piece this fall you can now find my works at Tara Davis Studio Boutique until the end of September, cre8ery in the classroom until September 20th, Pulse Gallery at the Johnson’s Terminal and a new work is now at Finch Gallery for September 1st’s opening.  Most of these places will be open for First Friday in the exchange. Make sure you stop on by.

I suppose its a good time to comment on how my show at Gallery in the Park went.  I am pretty pleased. It was likely one of my most pro looking shows in a pro gallery.  Friends and family who visited, thank you so much!  If you didn’t make the trip, for whatever reason, I wish you had.  I am not disappointed in you.  I realize its a commitment to make the drive and although I want everyone to see my shows, I am the only person who needs to be 100% committed to my art.  That’s pretty important.

I’ve realized in my career as an artist and a gallery owner that less artists are as committed to their art.  I am not sure why this is. I suppose there are other responsibilities in life such as family, friends, and that second job and cleaning a home but its all about time management.  I pretty much make time for everything and everyone. I know my limitations pretty well.  I guess meeting deadlines and being honest with myself is something I’ve always been dedicated to.  Recently a gallery owner called me intense.  Well, if working hard is intense, I’m 100% intense. I’m dedicated, I’m strong, and I’m a woman of distinction. (ha, ha I am distinct)

I can’t recall but either 14 or 15 pieces were sold and I was told that I shattered all records including attendance.  I pushed my marketing as hard as I could without being annoying.  Some artists have told me in the past that they don’t like feeling like a pest or a nuisance when sending out messages about their exhibitions.  I can’t imagine thinking this way?  Its your career and you need to make a living.  Encourage new people to attend a show with your friends and family.  I’m sure they understand.  Maybe as I grow older I will think the same. Perhaps people will stop attending my shows because they have been to enough of them.  No show of mine is ever the same.  As I continue to grow as an artist, my work changes.  I have a bit of ADD when it comes to my art, I can’t stick to the same thing for too long but I will flow back and forth between styles.

For the last week I’ve been busy with my gallery working on getting things back in order for the fall after a three week vacation from cre8ery…well not really, I worked on stuff every day. I can’t lie.  cre8ery is a lot of work but I took a break from being open and worked on my own art career and for Nott Art Gallery.

I guess this is a pretty large ramble but these are my thoughts for today. I write this blog directly off the cuff just as if I were talking one on one to a friend. Excuse my poor grammar, my sentence structure, and my mistypes.  I’m not going to win any awards as a writer and I’m not set out to do so.  The last month of my art career has been pretty administrative.  Go to this page to see what is available for purchase!

–Comment below, I like to read your thoughts!



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