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Relationships – Artist Statement

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Relationships by Jordan Miller

This exhibition began as an abstract look at the relationships with my mentor, my family, my friends, and my supporters. What started as an examination of personal relationships quickly changed when an unfortunate accident left me temporarily unable to continue painting in the style I am known for. The accident redefined my artistic method, prompting me to refocus from relationships with others to my relationship with the art medium itself. Constrained by a limited range of motion, I worked to interpret, imagine and bring out what was already there, collaborating with the unpredictable flow of pouring mediums on wood panel, and of alcohol inks on yupo paper. Rather than imposing what I felt “should” be there, I moved toward uncovering relationships between the forms and figures through a careful process of adding and taking away.

In these pieces, strong, complementary colour blends of primary, secondary and tertiary colours occur naturally, building form into the works. Figures emerge through slight manipulations to the alcohol ink and pouring medium, using tools to sweep and swirl the paint. This intuitive abstract painting style creates a continuous through-line in which the elements of colour and form speak to each other across very different works.

The Wandering Chaos Series is concerned with finding direction in one’s life amongst the distractions one may face in a time of development and transition. This series was inspired by a recurring dream of feeling unable to find a path or a direction, and of the urge to find a missing piece or key. The embroidery supplies the viewer with a continual directional line or path or a stitching together of two pieces. The chaos of finding direction and balance is temporary and is represented through the changing direction in the works.

These works bear titles that suggest at the emotional state of the artist and the subject matter that emerged through the process of creation. In the careful addition of mixed media, mark-making, and the striking of a harmonious balance between artist and artistic medium, these pieces invite the imaginative collaboration of the viewer to mine the forms and further interpret the relationships within them.

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