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Dreaming in Colour

Art: Bold. Rich. Vibrant. Saturated. Colourful.

Personality: INFJ. Quiet. Sensible. Responsible. Organized. Slight slob (studio mess is important to the process).

Dress: Casual. Black. Grey. Olive Green. Navy Blue. Occasional Bold Colour to Mix’er up!

When you peel away the layers of an artist and see why they do what they do, you begin to see why one creates the way they create.  I am not a strong writer, I don’t pretend to be, I write these blog entries right from my head as the words come.  Consider them my thought process as I work through my art and my ideas of my career.  This is the journey I am on as an artist.

I know that I’m not a bright light that walks into the room with a grand entrance, all the bells and the whistles…  I like to slide into a room, watch from the sidelines and experience the world around me.  If I could be invisible as an observer, I would be.  Each day at my job I have to climb out of my skin and into the room to talk to gallery visitors.  At times I don’t know what to say but I try to greet people and be friendly and helpful.  I am quiet but not shy, I am strong but not strong voiced, I speak my opinion when it needs to be given and I do best one on one and not in a group.  I do pull it off pretty well when I have to, regardless of what I say and how I really feel!

My art speaks for me in ways that my own personality can not.  Does this make sense?  Recently an artist asked why I paint so boldly and the only answer I have is that boldness is how I wish to be seen, if I was more of an extrovert.

My art can also be dreamy, emotional and thought provoking.  Art is the way that I express my inner feelings and thoughts.  At first, the brush strokes are just brush strokes, they form, they take shape, they reform again and again…and again.  Layers upon layers…moods change…colours change. The essence of the painting changes.

I dress in dark subtle colour which goes great with my quiet personality. There is a contrast here that is commented on a fairly regular basis.  I don’t dress to match my paintings. Patterns are busy and attention grabbing. eww!

What is in a colour?

How do I feel about the different colours?

I refuse to use black in my work, its only used to paint edges.

Brown, Gold, Silver, Grey…they are rarely seen in my paintings but you’ll find them in my monoprints (check out my exhibition in June 2017!)  They are not a good fit in my art. Vibrancy is key!  If its not bold, go home?

White is used sparingly, added to yellows, purples and blues, never to red, orange or green. Its rarely used in its pure form, its always mixed with a bit of colour.

Yellow becomes darker by mixing with orange….Orange becomes darker by mixing with red…you get the idea.

Reds speak of passion, excitement and love and not of anger….

Blues are colours that calm me, they give me a sense of trust…

Orange is often the light in my work to lift up some of the darkness that appears, its a happy joyful colour….

Yellow is something I’ve been trying to incorporate more into my works although it is not my favourite colour.  I think yellow gives a glimmer of hope….the light at the end of the tunnel.

Green for me is a connection to nature, growth, and a sense of renewal….

Deep purples and pinks give a sense of calmness and a dream-like quality…something un-natural and fairy tale like.  You’ll rarely see pinks and purples in my work but with blue gives this dreamy quality and extra je ne sais quoi (as the french would say!)  Turquoise is a great match, it adds clarity to these colours in this combo.

Now please look at my paintings, available and sold, see the transitions of one year to the next. I think I’m transitioning. I realize that none of my new works (August-December 2016) are on my website. I’m saving them for the launch of my next solo exhibition in June 2017.  Keep an eye out for some more upcoming changes in style, colour, and emotion.

Perhaps my wrist injury earlier this year is a blessing in disguise. It has forced me to paint differently, look at my career differently, and assess my life and my goals.

Please take a moment to comment below. I would love to hear from you.  Please don’t criticize my writing. This is not about grammar, spelling or punctuation.  Its all straight up me with all my imperfections.

-Jordan Miller, Visual Artist & Art Consultant.

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